Apartment in the Soho district – Málaga

From an architects office to an apartment. The owners of this house, a couple, were clear about their needs: they wanted a house where they could receive their friends. Also it was important to have a large dressing room that at the same time could convert to a guest bedroom and a bathroom where each of them had their own space. They brought lots of antique furniture from abroad that they didn’t want to give up. For this we designed an open space where we located two living areas, a large kitchen and the dining room. In the kitchen an old glass case has been integrated and painted yellow where part of the glassware from the 50s is located.

The rest of the furniture, kitchenware and works of art have been placed in this large space. The old hydraulic flooring has been preserved in the bedrooms and makes a line that corresponds to what was previously a corridor, which helps us to visually divide the kitchen space that has been paved in polished concrete and the living areas where laminate flooring has been placed to give them warmth.