I was born in Barcelona and grew up in a family where my artistic abilities were always valued. I think that was actually where it all began…

Due to life´s circumstances, I started working as a teenager and, like many people, I studied while doing it. I graduated in International Secretarial Studies.

As a secretary I worked in prestigious firms and offices where I learned to interact in business environments.

I moved to the Costa del Sol and spent several years working for major catering companies in the area. I had the opportunity to get to know houses where I organized events. I learned to take decisions, to coordinate teams, and I began to develop my skills in the world of design by decorating ephemeral spaces and taking part in decisions about the aesthetic appearance.

I worked as a director in an wildlife sanctuary, participating in its start-up. As a result of this experience, this was when I considered where I wanted to see myself in the future and if the time had come to face the challenge of following my true vocation.

Sometimes to see things in perspective you have to know when to step away. In my case it was during a trip to India that I clarified my ideas and made the decision to stop working to enroll in the School of Art and study Interior Design.

I have travelled a lot and I have to admit that a fundamental part of who I am is due to this. I always return with my suitcases full, figuratively and literally. My travel companions can bear witness for the latter… and my house too.

If you are reading this, you are already for me a possibility, an “y seguido” (and followed by) … one more step … Shall we talk?

I am dedicated to interior design by vocation,
I am passionate about my work

My name is Marta Domènech, I am an Interior Designer, founder and the public face of “Marta y seguido”, the studio I set up in 2008 and with which I have done all kinds of work. You can find out about them in the “Projects” section. From the beginning I was clear that it was going to be called “Martayseguido”. It has, like everything in this story, a lot to do with me: Marta is the face, and the “y seguido” (and followed by) referring to everything that this project involves: the y seguido (and followed by) things that happen to me, the y seguido (and followed by) people around me, the y seguido (and followed by) experiences lived and yet to be lived. They all play their part…


In the constant search of that first idea, the one that tickles you in the stomach because we know that this is the beginning of all spaces.

Our Mission is, mainly to offer you the best solutions. In the world of interior design, these consist mainly of combining beauty and functionality.

We try to provide the ideal response to each specific environment in which we work. For this we start by making the places fulfill their mission to the maximum, functionality and use are our first objectives, then we create an aesthetic and conceptual thread that surrounds everything and gives it meaning.

For this reason, we put all the tools and technology at our disposal, focused on showing you what we propose and why.

We have a vocation to grow, but without losing along the way, the personal attention and dedication that each project needs, no matter how small.