Hotel Citadines Wilson, Toulouse

We were commissioned to renovate the common areas of the hotel and turn them into a pleasant space where clients would like to spend time.

We renovated the hall, the sitting area and the restaurant, always thinking of connecting the main artery of the city, the Boulevard de Strasbourg with the hotel garden, through these spaces. We wanted to introduce something of Toulouse into its interior and we played with the reddish color of the city by applying it to some pieces of furniture. We provided all the Internet connection areas and arranged the furniture in different ways so that depending on the activity to be carried out, the client would always find a comfortable place to be.

We looked to disguise the detrimental factors, such as the low ceiling height in some areas, and to highlight those that benefited the space.

The restaurant becomes as a co-working space after the breakfast service.  We have achieved this by providing the some furniture with compartments where to hide the utensils and redesigning other furniture, such as the trolley with the breakfast trays.