Loft in Pedregalejo, Málaga

This loft is located in the Pedregalejo, a neighborhood once renowned as a home for fishermen  and that today also has a great reputation as a gastronomic hotspot that makes it one of the most authentic and at the same time bohemian points of the city.

The apartment has sea views and is newly built. 90m2 divided into two floors, one at street level and the other as a semi-basement.

In this house everything is designed to bring life in its two main spaces, kitchen and living room and dressing room. The cabinets and storage areas are quite hidden. Instead of two bedrooms, a single 45m2 one has been chosen.

The placing of all the objects from travelling, a photographic collection and some objects bought just from shop windows give it the eclectic touch that characterizes it.

Photographer: Cris Doménech.