Martínez-Echevarría Law Firm, Málaga

We accepted the challenge of reforming the offices in Málaga of the prestigious law firm Martínez-Echevarría & Rivera.

The first challenge we faced was to improve the internal access and privacy, as they were very open spaces and from the entrance you could see the meeting rooms. These offices are located in a prestigious historic building and practically all of its windows overlook the most important street in the city, Calle Larios.

We decided to enhance and modernise, without abandoning the classic style of the building and the meeting rooms, the entire part of the offices that face the outside and for the rest, such as the auditorium and the reception, we chose a straighter line.

The union of the two styles is produced in the hallway and is clearly marked since one part is decorated with mouldings and grey color compared to the rest in white without any decoration.

We designed a lighting solution that fulfills its mission while relying on the decoration by adding pieces that stand out for their quality and aesthetics, which will enhance the meeting rooms, the hall and the waiting room.

We chose a matte natural oak flooring and made custom furniture in the same material.