Tea Shop, Torremolinos

We were engaged for the design of a tea shop in the centre of Torremolinos. The place was in fair condition, we could not touch or change some elements. After cleaning it, we gave it a complete change of image, adapting it to its new use, with lighting appropriate to the requirements of the premises.

We looked for colors that had to do with tea leaves and with nature and we designed furniture for each type of object that was going to be exhibited.

We gave prominence to the products, leaving an entire wall for display and designing shelves that, almost like pedestals, hold the boxes where the raw material is sold in bulk. The lamps on the counter also reference the theme of the store.

We designed a conceptual shop window that plays with the product for sale and the name of the business at the same time. A lovely spot for a photo.

Photography: Pepo Alcalá